The benefits of LPG

Basically everything you need to know about the exceptional fuel, LPG, is contained in the infographics below. They are packed with numerous facts and figures on this versatile and environmentally friendly fuel. The images cover the following topics: Health, Climate, Economic growth and social progress, Resource efficient, Efficiency and Energy future and were originally posted on the WLPGA website.

Examine each of the six infographics below to get your facts straight about LPG in no time!

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LPG burns cleanly and can thereby provide a smoke-free indoor cooking environment. It can also help reduce outdoor and urban air pollution.


Using LPG produces less CO2 than coal, heating oil or petrol, emits virtually no black carbon or other particulates and is as clean as natural gas.

Economic growth & social progress

LPG is a driver for economic growth, especially in rural areas and developing countries.

Resource efficiency

The majority of the produced LPG is a co-product from natural gas and oil extraction - thus, it is inherently resource efficient. LPG also plays a major role in reducing deforestation and desertification.


A billion people and businesses across the world count on LPG because it provides instant, reliable, constant and transportable energy.

Energy future

LPG is a key component for a sustainable energy future in cities and rural areas, both in developed and developing countries.