LPG can overcome indoor air pollution

Three billion people worldwide breathe in deadly air every day when they burn solid fuels, coal and biomass to cook on primitive stoves or open fires. A devastating 1 out of 8 deaths across the globe is caused by air pollution i.e. making it the single greatest health. If nothing is done to address the problem, respiratory illnesses from cooking on primitive stoves will be causing 4,000 premature deaths each day by 2030.

However, LPG can help solve the problem. It improves air quality dramatically and thereby saves the lives of millions in the developing countries. And the gas cylinders actually bring more advantages with them. Using LPG creates more jobs, stops deforestation, saves the environment and helps to keep children in school as they are freed from from collecting solid fuels.

Switching to LPG has a dramatically positive impact on indoor air quality and saving the lives of millions in developing countries. It also helps to keep children in school freeing them from collecting solid fuels, it creates more jobs, stops deforestation and saves the environment. 

The information contained in the infographics below was originally posted on the WLPGA website

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