Local support makes all the difference



AvantiGas Ltd, United Kingdom

The customer's challenge

Entering the filling market with a brand-new facility, the need for expertise in the equipment, the LPG market and sales requirements was imminent. 

Our solution

Four UFMs to get started, as well as guidance, knowledge and close cooperation.

The outcome

AvantiGas has just enough equipment to gain a foothold in the market, with room to expand when the time is right. 

When the well-established LPG company AvantiGas Ltd. recently decided to re-enter the gas filling market, they put their trust in guidance from Kosan Crisplant. The project became a success due to the combination the KC's expertise and AvantiGas's can-do attitude.

Having started with just four UFM stand-alone filling machines, AvantiGas is now rapidly increasing its new filling business. The solution is designed to grow along with demand and the number of filling machines can thus increase to count eight machines. This kept investment costs low, allowing the company to stay competitive as they built up their market share.

AvantiGas Ltd took over Shell’s LPG business in 2011 and still retains staff with experience in the gas filling market from the Shell days, but re-entering the market still meant that they were pleased to work in close partnership Kosan Crisplant. That cooperation helped AvantiGas to install and use the most suitable equipment for their needs. Kosan Crisplant was able to add to the customer's knowledge of the market, increase efficiency by adjusting the equipment and prepare AvantiGas for future requirements. AvantiGas got the ally they needed in taking the plunge back into cylinders.

For the past 12-15 months, KC has experienced an increasing interest in high-quality, small-scale filling equipment from the UK LPG market that mostly services heating and BBQ needs. More and more want-to-be fillers learn the benefits of having local counselling and assistance in installing a filling plant. They emphasise the importance of having a partner in their home country to rely on who speaks their language and who they can reach at all times. For small fillers making relatively large investments, trust is paramount.

It's that same trust and support combined with excellent equipment and service that make this a successful collaboration. AvantiGas is optimistic about re-entering the cylinder market and the company has seen rapid growth in its first year of being in cylinder operation. As they continue to expand, they know we are in this together.