Accurate filling at a low cost



Liquigas, Italy

Cremona filling plant

The customer's challenge

A relatively small amount of camping cylinders that cannot be handled by the plant's filling carrousel

Our solution

A manually operated KCFiLL1 filling machine as a supplement to the filling carrousel

The outcome

  • Camping cylinders filled safely and accurately 
  • No big investment needed
  • Same user interface as carrousel - no training needed

Scope of supply

  • 1 KCFiLL1 filling machine
  • Commissioning

When the need to fill 30-40 camping cylinders per day arose, Liquigas looked for a filling machine that was both affordable and technologically advanced. KCFiLL1 was the solution.

Not every cylinder filling need can justify a big investment. In the case of Liquigas' filling plant in Cremona, Italy, the number of camping cylinders to be filled was so small that most high-quality LPG cylinder filling systems would be both too complex and too costly for the job. But as a company with a strong focus on quality and consumer safety, Liquigas still wanted a very accurate electronic filling machine and their choice fell on a KCFiLL1.

Easy for the operators

Liquigas uses some of our most advanced filling equipment for filling its bigger cylinders. Their fully automatic filling carrousel for cylinders with side-entry and centre valves ensures both high product quality and consumer safety as well as good working conditions for the plant operators.

As the KCFiLL1 is based on the same filling technology as our filling equipment for higher capacities, it is as accurate and safe to use as they are. And with the same user interface as the carrousel, the operators could familiarize themselves with the new machine in no time.

Installation done by the customer 

As the KCFiLL1 is designed for quick and easy installation, it was no problem for Liquigas' technicians to handle that aspect, and with commissioning assistance from KC, the new machine was up and running in no time. The time from purchase to full production was made even shorter by the fact that Liquigas purchased the KCFiLL1 directly from KC's office in Italy that has the machine in stock.