Optimized production through preventive maintenance



  • Hindustan petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)
  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)
  • Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)
  • Oil India Limited
  • Indian Oil Tanking Limited

The customers' challenges 

  • Equipment not utilized optimally
  • Level of maintenance uneven across plants
  • Knowledge loss due personnel transfers

Our solution

  • Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) with a focus on preventive maintenance

The outcome 

  • Higher uptime
  • Optimized production
  • Overall plant efficiency improved
  • Extended lifetime of equipment
  • Slim spare parts inventory due to efficient purchase and handling
  • Guaranteed availability of critical spare parts
  • Safer product - improved consumer safety
  • Managerial resources released for other tasks
  • Higher staff skill level through training programs
  • Less dependence on key personnel 

Scope of supply

  • 2-4 annual two-day visits per plant (470 in total)
  • Training sessions
  • Spare parts management
  • Planning & reporting to top management
  • Updates on latest technology, processes, software, etc.

When HPCL entered an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with Kosan Crisplant covering all its LPG cylinder filling plants in India, the positive effects were so evident that the rest of the country's major energy companies would soon follow suit.

Prior to the implementation of AMCs covering all the cylinder filling plants of the major players on the Indian market, the level of maintenance would vary immensely from plant to plant. Some would have a service agreement, others would use our services on a "break & fix" basis and others again would handle maintenance themselves.

Huge potential for optimization

However, as effective preventive maintenance is essential when it comes to the degree of utilization of electronic filling equipment, there was a huge potential for optimization of the production. And in a market with an annual growth rate around 8%, output is everything. The positive results achieved by HPCL because of the AMC have made the rest of the major players on the Indian LPG market follow suit so that the AMCs now cover five customers, 140 plants and 185 filling carrousels.

Degree of utilization

Degree of utilization of electronic filling equipment without regular maintenance.


Higher uptime and protection of assets

By taking a preventive approach to maintenance, it has been possible to improve the uptime across all plants, simply by minimizing the amount of breakdowns and ensuring that the equipment is used optimally without ever being stretched to the limit. That latter is essential when it comes to extending the lifetime of the equipment.

Maintenance without production stops

Every service visit under the AMCs last two days. During the visit, our experts check the carrousel thoroughly and carry out the planned maintenance procedures. In order to minimize downtime due to service, the maintenance work is carried out on Sundays or public holidays. The following workday is used for monitoring the results of the work and carrying out whatever fine-tuning is needed.

Knowhow and experience

With 392,000 man-hours combined on the filling hall floor, the experience and knowhow of KC India's team of service professionals are important reasons for the success of the AMCs. To further increase the consistency of their work across all plants, they rely not only on this vast experience, but also on a well-established framework for maintenance, developed by KC India. Training sessions for all staff levels ensure that the customers' organizations benefit from our experience in more than one way.

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