Kosan Crisplant will have new headquarters in 2019

On Tuesday morning, it became official: Kosan Crisplant and the rest of MAKEEN Energy will move to new surroundings on the first week of the new year - more specifically in the 16,000 square meter building located 30 kilometres north of Aarhus, which only a couple years ago served as the headquarters of the wind turbine giant Vestas.

Room for growth

"We simply need more space. In Aarhus, where we are now, it has become a bit cramped, because there is not really enough room here anymore. That's why we've looked around for something else, says Anders C. Anderson, CEO of MAKEEN Energy, of which Kosan Crisplant is part, about the decision to move to the former Vestas headquarters.

The Director emphasises that the relocation is necessary in order to accommodate the expected growth of the coming years. Last year, MAKEEN Energy reached one billion DKK in revenue, while the year's budget is 1.3 billion and the target for 2020-2021 is close to two billion.

In the wake of explosive growth forecasts, we expect to employ additional project managers and engineers in addition to the current 125 employees, and Anders C. Anderson expects that this will increase to 200 employees in Randers within a few years.

International focus

Anders C. Anderson attributes the growth of recent years to fact that MAKEEN Energy's Saudi Arabian owners are truly dedicated to Denmark.

"They love Denmark because we speak straightforwardly, deliver what we have agreed, and create results. The workforce is flexible, we are highly educated, we have an international outlook, and we speak many languages. They cannot do this from Riyadh, so they have expressed their desire to keep the headquarters located in Denmark", the director says. "I would very much like to make a 'House of Energy', where we get a house that emanates creativity and energy."