New centering arms for Kosan Crisplant equipment


  • Reduced the risk of breakage
  • Bolt holes allow for mounting of extra equipment
  • Drain holes remove excess water
  • Wider inner diameter makes replacement easier

Good can always be better, which is why we constantly work to optimise and develop all parts in our solutions. Recently, our R&D department has chosen to upgrade the centering arms used on various equipment, but mainly on our filling machines. The result is a better, more reliable piece of equipment.

This new, reinforced model has a sturdier design, making it less likely to break compared to the old model. Whereas the previous design had a honeycombed internal structure, the new design is solid, which adds considerable strength. It also comes with drain holes to drain excess water from firefighting tests as well as pre-made bolt holes that allow for the mounting of extra equipment. Lastly, the wider inner diameter of the mounting bracket makes for easier exchange.

New and old do not mix

When exchanging the arms, it is important to replace the arms in pairs the first time. If a machine ends up with two arms of different designs (one old and one new), the cylinders will not line up properly on the filling machine. Therefore, if you are upgrading from old to new, always replace the arms in pairs. For later replacements, the arms can be exchanged one at a time with no issues.

The new design makes the old obsolete, which is why centering arms with the old design will no longer be produced. If you are interested in upgrading your centering arms to the new model, do not hesitate to contact Kosan Crisplant’s service and spare parts department:

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