Carrousel filling systems

With a carrousel filling system, it is possible to fill all kinds of LPG cylinders – in the most safe and efficient way. The system is designed for high capacity filling of up to 1,800 cylinders/hour.

Check weighing systems

Our check weighing systems are designed for accurate and quick control of the net content in LPG cylinders. They can handle all cylinder sizes and have a capacity of up to 1,800 cylinders/hour.

Compact filling systems

Our mobile compact filling systems are small and flexible solutions that can fill all kinds of LPG cylinders. They is easy to install – ready for plug and play.

Container filling plants

A mobile container filling plant is an ideal solution when entering and testing new markets or when renovating existing facilities. They come as 20' and 40' containers, depending on the equipment need.

Conveyor systems

From the unloading point to the loading point – and through all the processing points in between – our conveyor systems are designed for efficient and rational transport of LPG cylinders.

Crisplant Universal Controller

Control your filling process machines with our user-friendly and intrinsically safe HMI controller - specifically designed to make the complex processes in a filling hall more simple.

Cylinder handling solutions

Our cylinder handling solutions are designed to optimise the manual handling of loading and unloading LPG cylinders from trucks and other lifting and removal processes in the filling hall.

Electrical equipment

With future-oriented solutions and ex-proof components, our range of electrical equipment ensures safe and optimal operation of your entire filling plant - at competitive prices.


Let us solve your engineering challenges for you. We have expertise in calculations, dimensioning, market analyses and operational analyses within all fields related to LPG.

Evacuation systems

If an LPG cylinder is overfilled, leaky or in need of repair, our evacuation systems make it easy and safe to empty them of gas - with minimal handling.

Filling hall process overview

A high-functioning LPG filling hall is a well-oiled machine with potentially numerous parts that need to work in perfect unison. Here is an overview of the different areas and processes.

Filling heads

Our range of filling heads are designed for safe and easy filling and evacuation of all types of LPG cylinders. With a high level of both quality and safety, they are an excellent choice.

Fire and gas alarm systems

An indispensable part of any safety system on LPG sites, our fire and gas alarm systems ensure maximum safety no matter the requirement - with minimal maintenance.

Fire water systems

Using only components from internationally recognised suppliers, we can supply complete and efficient fire water systems that ensure maximum safety.

FLEXSPEED - high capacity

With patented handling and processing techniques, the FLEXSPEED system reaches filling capacities of more than 4000 LPG cylinders per hour on one carousel system.

Hot repair of LPG cylinders

The equipment for hot repair of LPG cylinders includes accessories for cutting and surface welding of shrouds and foot rings as well as equipment for normalising LPG cylinders.

In-line filing systems

The in-line filling systems can fill all kinds of LPG cylinders, safely and efficiently. It is suitable for low capacity filling of approx. 50-250 cylinders/hour.

KCFiLL1 filling unit

The patented KCFiLL1 filling machine offers the best value for money on the market for low-capacity LPG filling machines. It is flexible and can fill all types of LPG cylinders.

KC ProSupply

From valves to vaporisers, MAKEEN Energy's gas equipment division offers a wide array of gas-related equipment, as well as expert consultancy that helps you find the right solution every time.

Leak testing baths

The leak testing baths make full manual leak detection of LPG cylinders possible. The baths have a capacity of up to 1,200 cylinders/hour and allow you to visually detect leaks.

LPG piping systems

With over 50 years of experience in designing LPG piping systems, we can provide safe and future-proof solutions that allow you to expand later if needed.

Manual leak detectors

The manual leak detectors allow for manual leak detection on valve seats of LPG cylinder valves. They are an ideal solution for low capacity LPG filling plants and very easy to install.

Marking of LPG cylinders

Whether it is safety instruction, logos, tare marking or other practical and promotion features, our equipment for marking of LPG cylinders covers all needs and helps boost your company's brand.

Palletizing systems

Our fully automatic palletizers are designed for safe and easy handling of all kinds of pallets – with up to 3 storeys and a capacity of up to 4,000 cylinders/hour.

Project management

Efficient implementation of projects is among our top focus areas. Our highly trained project management team ensure that projects are delivered to the right time, economy and quality.

Purging systems

Replace atmospheric air with LPG in vapour state quickly and safely with our purging systems – while avoiding both capacity reduction and the dangerous mix of LPG and atmospheric air.

Seal application systems

To protect your valves, our equipment automatically applies shrinkable seals or caps at a high capacity. It can apply them to both centre valves and screw valves.

Service and training

From repairing machinery to training your management, maintenance staff and operators, our many service points around the world help your business run smoothly.

Shroud and foot ring straighteners

For rapid, precise and safe repair of damaged shrouds and foot rings on LPG cylinders, this is the solution. It makes sure that your cylinders look nice and appealing for the market.

Spare parts

Original spare parts extend the life of your equipment, keep production running at high levels and save you money. Our dedicated staff help you maintain a stock of necessary parts.

Supervision of installation

For quick, safe and efficient installation by local labour, our expert supervisors can help control the process - cutting down on errors and ensuring optimal communication.

Surface treatment of cylinders

Obtain high cylinder quality and long cylinder lifetime by providing the surface of your cylinders with the right treatment. It is an important and natural part of the standard inspection procedure.

Tank yard equipment

Complete systems for LPG storage - dimensioned in accordance with all recognised international standards. We also provide the needed safety, measuring, control and operating equipment.

Thermosealing machines

When a sleeve or cap has been applied on an LPG cylinder valve, our thermosealing equipment ensures that it forms a tight seal for maximum protection and safety.

UFM – universal filling machine

The UFM (universal filling machine) is the most used filling machine in the world. It fits on a carrousel, in-line or as a stand-alone unit – and with different types of cylinders and valves.

Valve changing machine

With the valve changing machine, it is quick and safe to change LPG cylinder valves. The machine has special keys for all valve types.

Valve opener and closer

For cylinders with screw valves, our equipment helps you cut down on menial and repetitive work by automatically opening and closing the valves - useful for filling as well as leak testing.

Valve orientation machine

Screw valves need to be turned at just the right angle before filling machines can attach to them. Our valve orientation machines perform this job completely automatically.

Washing systems

Clean cylinders last longer and are more attractive to the end-user. Our washing systems are the most efficient in the market and ensure optimal cleaning.

Weight correction machines

To make sure that LPG cylinders have the right weight, the weight correction machines are the best tool to use. They carry out weight correction by filling or evacuating the LPG cylinder.