Global service performed locally

Timely and professional service helps you save gas, reduce labour costs, and increase your filling plant's capacity and uptime. It also means making sure that you have the necessary spare parts on hand in case of a break-down.

Our constantly growing global service network allows us to offer our clients the best service in accordance with local requirements and conditions. Our 19 offices around the world can support almost every part of the world in your own language with all staff trained by Kosan Crisplant. A service agreement secures your access to our qualified staff by reserving the time up front. For us, it enables us to plan our staff in the most efficient way, securing best availability at the lowest cost. And as an added bonus, our service agreements may serve to extend your warranty.

Did you know?

Over time, a filling plant tends to develop minor defects, potentially reducing the filling capacity by 20-30%. Regular service by expert technicians is key to keeping your equipment performing at its best, extending its lifetime and ensuring high safety levels.

Available service agreements:

Facility service

Our staff performs the technical maintenance of the entire (or parts of the) filling plant, storage facilities, compressors etc. They control and administrate maintenance of installations, but the operation of the plant remains the responsibility of the owner. This is the most extensive version of our service agreements.

Service contract

Based on an evaluation of a filling plant's service and maintenance requirements, our technician carries out maintenance service work defined in the contract on a number of scheduled visits per year. In the entire contract period, we work closely with you to maintain and increase your filling plant's productivity and profitability. 

Service tours

We perform a number of service tours throughout the year touring, for example, Northern Europe. We write in advance to all customers without a service contract in that specific area, offering them a visit to evaluate their filling facility and perform the needed service work.

Service on demand

Did an urgent issue just arise with your equipment that demands immediate attention by expert technicians? You can always contact us whenever you need service, explain the issue, and our service staff will schedule a visit to your site at the earliest convenience. 

Inspection and advice visit agreement

We offer scheduled visits one, two, or four times per year where our technicians assess your equipment, write a report, and recommend a maintenance plan. They also assess your spare parts stock and recommend adjustments or purchases to maintain optimum stock. They may also recommend training or other investments.